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  • ImREAL Project

  • Project type: Small or medium-scale
  • focused research project (STREP)

  • Funding body: European Commission,
  • ICT, Framework 7

  • Funding scheme: Collaborative
  • project

  • Start date: 01 October 2010

  • Duration: 36 months

  • Total value: € 4,189,261

  • EU Funding: € 3,220,000
  • ImREAL collaborates with:

  • ImREAL is supporting:

  • See ImREAL presentation here.

Welcome to the ImREAL Project, where Virtual Training becomes relevant to real world experience!

The ImREAL project has developed a novel type of learning experience; an augmented virtual learning experience. Innovative research from across Europe has been combined with state of the art commercial immersive learning environments to deliver a cost-effective learning experience that is

  1. more closely aligned with what happens in the real-world
  2. more in-tune with the learner's cognitive abilities and cultural awareness
  3. supports a complete learning process through an adaptive virtual mentor

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